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Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission - 

We create extraordinary experiences (Our Olé) that connect scholars to college and career pathways

Vision - 

We are the storytellers of our future.  

We tell our stories through the lens of collaboration, confidence, and courage; bringing our strengths, interests, and values to life.

We build bridges between school and  future pathways to explore all the opportunities available and prepare us to become a part of the global economy as productive citizens.

Values - 


Making sure that every scholar has what they need to be successful

*Scholar Voice *Scholar-centered *Consistency *Rigor *Respect 


Creating curiosity, interest, optimism, motivation, and passion about what they are learning

*Relationships *Collaboration *Connection to the Real World *Relevancy *Choice 


Continuously working to get better every day 

*Timely feedback *Positivity *Never Give Up *High Expectations