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Vista students and teachers lead the way on the Personal Learning Road Show, The goal of the Personal Learning Road Show is to increase understanding of what personal learning is and how the district intends to shift to a more personalized instructional environment over the next few years.

The vision of Vista Unified School District is to be THE Model of Educational Excellence and Innovation. In order to realize our vision, teacher leaders have embarked on an ambitious partnership with local and national organizations like the University of California at San Diego, Digital Promise, CPP, Qualcomm, San Diego Workforce Partnership, the Vista Chamber of Commerce, Jobs for the Future, and the Organization for Economic Development to re-imagine the learning experience for all students. Our ambitious goal is to transform education into a personal learning path (Español) that flexibly adapts to the strengths, interests, and values of each student. We call this project our moonshot because it will require everyone in the organization (students, parents, teachers and support staff) to completely shift their mindset from a traditional one-size-fits-all style of learning to a dynamic, personalized approach that places students in the driver's seat as stewards of their own learning. Teachers, support staff and parents take on a new role as facilitators of the educational process, promoting flexible learning environments that extend beyond the four walls of a traditional classroom.

The district completed a successful two years with 14 schools in the district initiating the transition to a more personal learning system that takes into account the individual strengths, interests, and values of each student. As the District moves into year 3 of the Personal Learning Challenge, nine more schools have joined the challenge! Over the course of the next ten months, students and teachers at these schools will be building the collective momentum towards transformation. During this transformation process, students will continue to focus on developing knowledge, skill, and expertise in the state standards for English Language Arts, English language Development, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and other subjects.

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