Business Services Committees

School Consolidation Task Force

The District has formed a School Consolidation Task Force to provide recommendations to the superintendent and the school board on possible solutions to address multiple years of declining enrollment.  The district is committed to ensuring that our schools maintain the level of support and excellence for our students and support innovative learning in the classroom. This task force is composed of parents, principals, teachers, and support staff. The goal is to develop a set of recommendations that are both short and long term proposals for the school board to consider in order to address the impact of declining enrollment on our facilities. The task force will be evaluating various factors such as enrollment, financial, programmatic, and demographics.

Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee

A requirement of every school improvement bond is an accountability component. Vista Unified has created a Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) for the purpose of informing the public concerning the expenditure and uses of bond revenues. The Committee's legal charge is to actively renew and report on the expenditure of taxpayers' money for school construction. Click HERE to view the details of the CBOC oversight role. The CBOC is composed of representatives selected from the community. The CBOC meets quarterly to review the progress of the bond projects. For more information about Measure LL and the CBOC click HERE.