All employees now have access to a suite of email, calendar and collaboration tools.

Why Google? Why is this important?

Email is an essential business communication tool and provides you with a connection to your school, community and colleagues. Communication of events, changes and other significant information that helps you in your work. Features like chat are vital for communication in times of emergency. Email is the standard for communication of mandated notices and trainings for employees. Collaboration features in Google allow us to share information, ideas and get more done with less time.

How do I access my email?

  1. Follow the directions here to start. This must be done from within the VUSD network.
  2. All VUSD employees have a District email address. If you have never accessed your email account, please connect with your site/department office manager to gain access to your account.

Opportunities for Learning (or How am I supposed to do this?)

You can learn online!! Visit the VUSD Information Technology page and select the Google Apps Link.

The San Diego County Office of Education has resources and information available for online learning as well.

Site/Department based Mini Training Sessions will also be offered at each site throughout the year.

What can I expect?

You should be able to begin sending and receiving mail, scheduling calendar events, and managing contacts right away, without any trouble. Becoming accustomed to Gmail's unique mail management features such a conversations and labels can take a bit longer. Within a week, however, many people find they are not only comfortable with Google Apps, but they appreciate the benefits and no longer miss their old application.

What are my responsibilities in the use of technology?

Your responsibilities in the use of technology are outlined in the District Board Policies and Regulations: BP 4040, AR 4040 Employee Use of Technology and EX 4040 Employee Acceptable Use Agreement.The quality of your use of technology is a reflection of your professional image as well as that of the District and the community you represent. Please take a few moments to review these policies and become familiar with the District's expectations.

I am reading this document on paper. How do I access the linked (underlined) information above?

This information can be access from any computer or mobile device.

Accessing your account (#1 above)- Visit the District website at Under "Departments" select "Business Services" and then the "Information Technology" tab on the left side. Select the "Google Apps" section.

Training information- Visit the District website at Under "Departments" select "Business Services" and then the "Information Technology" tab on the left side. Select the "Google Apps" section.

Board policies- Visit the District website at Under "Board of Education" select "Board Policy Book."