Welcome all new and returning substitute teachers to VUSD!

The work that you do for our students is greatly appreciated! As a substitute teacher, you make a significant difference for every student by being resourceful, flexible, and patient. By following lesson plans, building effective working relationships, and providing seamless, consistent instruction, you are providing a most valuable service to everyone in VUSD.

We appreciate your hard work and the care that you provide students every day.


Substitute Teacher Application Guidelines

What will I need before I can apply to your substitute teacher pool?

  1. Current California Teaching Credential

Or 30-Day Emergency Substitute Permit

Or Temporary County Certificate (TCC)

  1. Fingerprint Clearance through both:

    1. California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

Form 41-LS $75

  1. San Diego County Office of Education Fingerprint

Clearinghouse (SDCOE)

Clearinghouse Live Scan $58

Please note:

The CTC (California Commission on Teacher Credentialing) does require you to be fingerprinted.

You must also be fingerprinted through SDCOE (San Diego County Office of Education) so we can verify that you have been cleared

I don't have a teaching credential. What do I need to apply for a 30-day Emergency Substitute Permit?

  1. Official transcripts showing your Bachelor's Degree or Higher

  2. Basic Skills Requirement - Completion of CBEST or appropriate SAT/ACT Scores

The following links will provide you with everything you need to know, including step-by step instructions:

How to obtain a 30-day emergency substitute teaching permit SDCOE Link

Fingerprinting Services

I have one of the appropriate credentials and I have been cleared through SDCOE fingerprint clearinghouse.

What is my next step?

Apply for our posting on Edjoin. You can access current job postings online at under Human Relations, Employment Opportunities

Please be prepared to have the following five (4) documents available to upload to your applications.

  1. Letter of Introduction

  2. Current Resume

  3. Valid California Teaching Credential

Or 30-Day Emergency Substitute Permit

Or Temporary County Certificate (TCC)

  1. Two (2) Current Letters of Recommendation

I have submitted my Edjoin Application for the Substitute Teacher Pool. What happens now.

Your application will be screened and, if selected, you will be notified by email through This email will provide you with additional instructions.


Daily Rate Full Day $200.00


The Subway

The Subway is a monthly newsletter for all of our substitute teachers. We hope that you find useful information that will support all of your work with students, faculty, and the community.

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