Translation Requests

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T&I Services Unit provides translation of documents and materials for district-wide use and for most site-level communications considered critical parent information.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when preparing and submitting your translation requests in order to help ensure prompt turn-around times:

Submitting a Translation Request

  • To obtain translation services, complete and submit a Translation Request via the IT tab of the SchoolDude work order system along with the document(s) to be translated.
  • Please attach only editable format files (Word). If unsure about your specific document, please call us directly at ext. 92140. Please include an anticipated date of completion, "ASAP" is not a due date. Read below on same day requests.
  • If submitting a student meeting notes document (i.e., SST/504 notes), please submit one work order per student file.
  • Service requests must be submitted at least 5-7 working days in advance. Please plan ahead, translation requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • All documents processed for district translation purposes must contain critical information for parents about their child's education
  • School sites, please make sure you've followed your site's proper procedure for translation work prior to submitting a request.
  • Always ensure the English version of your file is submitted. If you're having difficulty attaching your document to the work order, please email it to [email protected] after you've saved the work order request and include the work order number on the subject line.

Submitting a Request

What to expect next

  • Once your request has been received, the project will be assessed and an estimated completion date will be provided (please refer to your work order status).
  • Turnaround times for translation will depend on several factors, such as the amount of text to be translated, technical vocabulary, the complexity of highly formatted files, and our current workload.
  • Please make sure the English document you submit is the final and approved text to be translated.
  • Please attach document files in Editable format only (No scanned copies of originals), unless they've been cleared.
  • All translations will be returned as PDF files via e-mail. Upon delivery, T&I's Services Unit is not responsible for the quality and accuracy of the translated document if it is altered in any way without prior approval.
  • Translation of copyrighted material will be at the discretion of the district's legal advisor, however, please note that due to liability concerns, T&I Services Unit does not translate Birth Certificates, Passports, Medical Documents, Foreign Student Transcripts, etc.


  • If an English document previously translated is revised and you need to request a revised translation, the requester must submit the revised English copy highlighting changes or additions along with the work order number of the previous translation (located on the bottom left of the translated document).

Note: For any translated document(s) or material to be sent to print shop, we HIGHLY encourage it to be proofread one final time prior to printing.

Requesting a Priority Project (Urgent Notice, same day request)

Examples of "same day" urgent communication to be processed include urgent letters to parents, after-school emergency or a high-priority, time-sensitive communication. Keep in mind that same-day projects still require a minimum of four (4) hours for translation.

Email/call the ELC for requesting a priority project at [email protected] / ext. 92140.

Expectation for Translation Delivery:

Word Count: Regular Business Days:
If less than 1,000 words 2-4 days
1,001 - 5000 words 4-8 days

NOTE: Projects over 5,000 words will require approval. Please call 760-726-2170 ext. 92144.

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Please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance with SchoolDude at [email protected] or ext. 92500.

Adapted from "Translation and Interpretation Services", Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District.