FACE Community Update

FACE Community Update
Posted on 10/19/2019

October 19, 2019   |   Family And Community Engagement (FACE) Network | www.vistausd.org/parents

Topic: Drive With Caution Around Schools /  EN ESPAÑOL

There were three separate traffic accidents over the past few weeks that involved parents and students walking to school. Two of these accidents resulted in serious injuries to the adults. The students suffered minor injuries. Liaisons at each site continue to check-in with these families and work with counselors, administrators, and other staff members to provide appropriate support and resources. 

As we all care about community health and safety, Vista Unified School District would like to remind everyone to drive with extra caution around all schools, especially during drop-off and pick-up times but also during morning and evening hours when the sun is at low viewpoints to add additional glare and potentially obstruct driving views. Driving itself can be dangerous without added obstacles, so please exercise extra precautions around school sites to ensure children and families get to and from their destinations safely. 

On Wednesday, October 16, 2019, Dr. Doyle, Acting VUSD Superintendent,  met with the Vista City Manager Patrick Johnson to discuss three recent traffic incidents involving VUSD students and families. Mr. Johnson is working with the City Traffic Engineer to review all three locations and develop appropriate adjustments to traffic lights. One consideration is to shift the traffic light on North Santa Fe and California Avenue to a protected left-hand turn. That would mean that all cars would have to stop while pedestrians are using the crosswalk. We all hope that this will create safer driving and crossing situations for everyone.

There are many other ways to increase driving safety. Here a few suggestions: 

  • Drive extra slowly, especially around schools and crossing zones

    • Especially during drop-off and pick-up times

    • Especially with morning and evening glaring sun

    • Especially with any added obstacles

  • Look all ways before turning a corner or crossing a street into another lane

    • Look repeatedly especially with glaring sun and during high pedestrian traffic times

  • When pedestrians are walking in a crosswalk or crossing any street, wait until they have fully crossed to the other side of the street before proceeding

  • Do not run red lights

  • It is safer to stop at a yellow light then try to speed through the intersection

  • Be cognizant of stressful feelings when running late - it is easy to speed to minimize being late, but this increases the chances of an accident. It is better to be safe than sorry - slow down and continue driving with caution. 

For pedestrians (including biker riders/skaters), there are additional ways to ensure your safety and the safety of drivers:

  • Always cross streets utilizing a crosswalk

    • Do not jaywalk

  • Cross only when there is a green light or the “go ahead” crosswalk signal

    • Do not cross against a red light

  • Look all ways before crossing any street

  • Even when crossing with the right-of-way, continue with caution and watching traffic

  • When crossing, look around at traffic and make eye contact with drivers to ensure they see you

    • If you do not make eye contact with a driver, proceed with additional caution

  • When walking with minimal daylight, wear brighter colors to make it easier to be seen by drivers

Thank you for your efforts to keep Vista and VUSD school areas safe. Wishing everyone a continued wonderful school year.

For questions regarding school transportation and walking paths, contact: 

Bill Weisberg - 760-726-2170 ex.927802; [email protected]

John Wathen - 760-726-2170 ex.92704; [email protected]

For questions regarding city streets, sidewalks, traffic lights, crosswalks, and other traffic concerns, contact: 

Husam “Sam” Hasenin - 760-643-5411; [email protected]

Traffic Engineering Division:  

Traffic Engineering (General Information)

200 Civic Center Drive, 1st Floor, Vista CA 92084

P: 760.639.6116

Website: https://www.cityofvista.com/city-services/streets-and-traffic