Community Update #27

This is the 27th Community Update, published on October 12th.
Posted on 10/12/2020

Esteemed Community Members, Parents, Students and Staff,

We have completed over five weeks of Vista Virtual school already. Thank you for your patience, grace, and support as we settle into the new virtual learning format.

We are now nearing the launch date for Vista Classic - October 20th. I am sensitive to the fact that this is a momentous next step and has caused excitement for some and anxiety for others. Please know that it is not our desire to cause unnecessary stress and anxiety; however, it is our goal to fulfill our obligation to provide a pathway for students to get back to school for in-person learning.

This Community Update highlights our preparation for the Vista Classic launch. It also includes a reminder that the school board is committed to transparency and community engagement. The school board will be holding the next board meeting live and in-person at Foothill Oak Elementary School on October 15, 2020. During this meeting, the board will revisit the school reopening plan, listen to the community, and discuss any adjustments they feel necessary in preparation for the official launch on October 20, 2020. Please visit the district webpage for details about the board meeting. We will also be broadcasting the meeting through live streaming.  

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