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Purpose Statement
The purpose of the Operational Service Center is to support all aspects of facilities, planning, and construction, operational supports, maintenance, grounds, transportation, career technical education, special projects, and corresponding board committees. This is being accomplished by focusing on the transformation goals of:

  • Culture: A system that supports the district values with consistent actions to build trust. 
  • Systems: A review of all existing systems for effectiveness and efficiency of workflow and achieving project goals. 
  • Skills: A meaningful and relevant professional development plan for each department that supports the skill and knowledge they need to implement systems and cultural transformation. 
  • Continuous Cycle of Improvement: A focus on ongoing incremental progress improvement in our pursuit of operational excellence through innovation.  

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Contact Us

If you have an urgent matter please call us at 760.726.2170 ext. 92702. Office hours vary by department. 

OSC Leadership

Shawn Loescher, Ed.D.
Chief Operations Officer
760.726.2170 ext. 92702

Danica Reed
Administrative Secretary I
760.726.2170 ext. 92702

Grounds Department

Anthony Arias
Grounds Manager 
760.726.2170 ext. 92704

Maintenance Department

Kevin Kirby
Maintenance Manager
760.726.2170 ext. 92705

Nathan Andersen
Facilities Project Coordinator
760.726.2170 ext. 92711

Brett Harris
Facilities Project Coordinator
760.726.2170 ext. 92706


Tracy Mangold
Director of Transportation
760.726.2170 ext. 92802

Elizabeth Naal-Clark
Staff Secretary II
760.726.2170 ext. 92802

Tina Cline
Operations Supervisor
760.726.2170 ext. 92804

Operations and Security

Scott Conley
Operations Manager
760.726.2170 ext. 92714

Kerry St. Julien Jones
Staff Secretary II
760.726.2170 ext. 92715

Planning & Measure LL

Shawn Loescher, Ed.D.
>Chief Operations Officer
760.726.2170 ext. 92702

Grace Chan

(Project Professional Corps. Partnership Provider)
Director of Bond Construction &
Long Range Planning

760.726.2170 ext. 92702

Kevin Kirby
Maintenance Manager
760.726.2170 ext. 92705

Jim Bray
(Gafcon Inc., Partnership Provider)
Special Project Management
760.726.2170 ext. 92705

Last Updated: May 24, 2023