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Shared with us from the SDCOE lead Nurse Corinne McCarthy

Week 1 (May 1 – 7): Mental Health Month 2023 

“Look Around, Look Within” 

Welcome to May Mental Health Month 2023! 

This month, we have a special focus on getting the word out about what you can do to take action for your own mental health as well as for everyone in your school community. Read this brief article for an idea of what to expect this May as we take some time over the next few weeks to consider how our surroundings impact our mental health. 

In the coming weeks you are encouraged to “look around” and “look within”. We know the world around us affects our mental state because our surroundings determine if, how, and when our needs are met. We are impacted by our housing situations, our home environments, our neighborhoods and towns, and our natural surroundings. While we can’t change everything, this month’s resources will focus on areas where we have agency to change some elements of the spaces we occupy to protect our well-being. Start by broadcasting these Feel Better Bops and bring some mental health rest, recuperation, and rejoicing into your day! 

Life can be challenging, but every day shouldn’t feel hard or out of your control. If it does, one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition is to take a mental health screening. Your screening results can be used to start a conversation with your primary care provider, a trusted friend, and/or a family member. You may also use your results to consider mental health support options or to create a mental wellness plan for addressing your needs. 

This week, join other school communities across the nation by completing the Take Action for Mental Health Pledge. With this pledge, we commit to ourselves and others around us to make mental health a priority and do what we can to support each other. After you take the pledge, check out the SDCOE Staff Wellness Infographic or the May Mental Health Month calendar of activities and wellness recipes to try a new activity each day! 

Important Dates This Week: 

*See more May training opportunities!

Crisis Line: 

Don’t wait until you’re in a crisis situation to get help. Keep this number on hand: 

Call, text or chat to receive free and confidential support. Access a trained counselor 24/7 who will listen, understand your problems, provide support, and connect you to resources as needed.

Social Media: 

Support mental health awareness and connect with one another on social media throughout the month of May by using the hashtags#LookAroundLookWithin,#LookAround,#LookWithin,and#MentalHealthMonth

Coffee with the Counselors

Thank you to everyone that attended our coffee with the counselors. Below is a link to the presentation.

Coffee with the Counselors

Help your child manage Stress

Preparing for High School

Save the Date - Next Meeting will be March 20, 2023



How can I help a friend that cuts?

I hurt my friends feelings!!

Peer Pressure

5 ways to Respectfully Disagree

Dealing with Bullying

Grading Periods 22-23
If you have an emergency please call 911. Also, see 24-Hour, 7-Day a week numbers and websites below.
San Diego County General Info & Covid-19 support... Dial 211
San Diego Access and Crisis Line (any topic)..............(888) 724-7240
San Diego Family Resource Center..............................(866) 262-9881
Crisis Text Line...................................................Text HOME to 741741
National Suicide Prevention Hotline...........................(988)
The Trevor Project: LGBTQ Crisis Hotline..................(866) 488-7386
San Diego Child Abuse Hotline....................................(858) 560-2191