VUSD VIRTUAL SCHOOL The Vista Virtual School is specifically designed to provide students ongoing learning opportunities and access to the resources necessary to support their educational, social-emotional, nutritional, and health and safety needs.

At the middle school level, students will have virtual learning experiences for each of the courses on their schedules through Canvas, websites, videos, email, and other virtual tools.  Students will engage in a variety of assignments, instruction, collaboration, projects, and learning tasks for each of their courses with weekly schedules posted on each school's website. Teachers will provide daily communication and timely feedback, and students will have the opportunity to ask questions and get extra help through email, Canvas, and other virtual tools.

We are now fully in to Virtual School and attending live classes daily. Who would've thought we would be in a situation like this?! But here we are and as Bulls we will persevere and continue to strive for success! We know there were a lot of glitches with virtual school and that's ok.  We will get better every day.  

The goal is to get your scholar online every day.  Monday is a full day, all periods and LATE START! Period one starts at 9:30am.  Please be sure you are checking our "Weekly Ole!" bulletin. Attached are some resources to help you and your scholar navigate Canvas. Thanks for your love, support and patience as we all learn this whole new world!  See you online!  

Getting started with Canvas - Parent 

Student Facing “How to” Canvas Videos

To view the classes in "tile" format, after logging into Canvas and click on Dashboard (left center), it's important to have the view settings in "Card View" (please see below).

Canvas Card View.png
 Synchronous Instruction - Live instruction and lessons via Google Meet or Zoom, which are required for each day by Senate Bill 98  Asynchronous Instruction - Scholars will have opportunities to work independently to practice standards and complete assessments 
 Assessments - Scholars will have reviews of prior knowledge, formative and summative assessments, and demonstrations of learning  Collaborative Group Work - Scholars will engage with their peers in small groups with teacher guidance and monitoring through Google Meet or Zoom
 Flipped Instruction and Assignments -  Scholars will complete assignments or watch instructional videos on their own   Office Hours and Tutorials - Scholars will have opportunity to receive extra support, individual feedback, and re-teaching through office hours and tutorial
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