Paloma Orozco

ext. 64008

Fax: (760) 631-2591

If you would like to contact the Transportation Department please call 760-726-2170 EXT. 92802


- California Avenue @ 202 - (North side of California Ave)

- Luz Duran Park- 901 North Citrus Avenue in front of park

- Citrus @ Apollo  (North West Corner)

- Primrose @ Palmyra (South East Corner of Primrose @ Transit Stop)
Virtual Learning Expectations

Please remember to make sure your child logs into Canvas. Our goal is for every scholar to be able to log on to their live instruction classes. We understand that there may be technical difficulties and want to make sure your scholar does not get frustrated. If there are any challenges logging on please have your scholar message their teacher directly the day of the tech issue. This will make sure they do not fall behind or get marked absent. Please note that most teachers lock their class after 5 minutes.


To report an absence please call: (760) 631-4500 ext.64008

Leave a message and be sure to include the following:

  • Date of the absence

  • Your child's name

  • Date of birth and/or Grade

  • Reason for the absence

  • Your name, relation to the student and a call back number

When a student returns to school following an absence, the parent/guardian has 72 hours (3 school days) to notify the school with the reason for the absence and to turn in any medical verification for medical appointments. Any student with 10 excused absences verified by phone calls will be required to provide a written explanation for all future absences. This verification must be written by the appropriate professional on his/her letterhead, addressing the medical, and legal or bereavement reason. Medical & dental notes may be faxed to 760-643-2490.


There is nothing more important to us as a district than the safety of our school communities, and to improve in this area, our district has implemented changes to district board and to the administrative policy. To ensure the smooth implementation of these changes, we believe it is important to communicate at both the district and site levels, so this is the one of several communications about this topic as we move toward implementing these changes.

Our District-wide emphasis on school safety includes the following:

  • Before and after school, only students and staff will be allowed inside the campus perimeter.
  • Parents can access staff, as they normally would, via the scan of a government-issued id to sign in/sign out procedure in the office for meetings and other routine needs.
  • While in session, school perimeters will be secure and locked.
  • During arrival and dismissal, open gate areas will be supervised.
  • Employees will wear their employee badges.


Pick up and Drop off

When picking up and dropping off your students, we ask you do this via RMMS parking lot. We have received many calls regarding people parking in our neighbor's driveways, and also blocking streets around RMMS. For your students' safety, we ask you to pick them up in our parking lot.

Checking Out Early

Students should not be picked up from school unless they have a Doctor or dental appointment or there is an emergency. Please be respectful of the learning environment and show your children that you value their education by not taking them home early, especially on Fridays. Each pass sent out is a disruption of students' valuable learning time. Make sure to arrive with enough time to make your appointment, there could be an approximate 10-15 minute delay in pulling your child out of class. Parent MUST have a government-issued picture ID when checking student out.

Student release during the school day will be standardized and is as follows:

  • Students shall be released during the school day only to the custody of an adult in possession of a valid, government issued photo identification card and if:
    • The adult is the student's custodial parent/guardian
    • The adult has been authorized on the student's emergency card as someone to whom the student may be released with prior authorization from the custodial parent/guardian or when the custodial parent/guardian cannot be reached, and the principal or designee verifies the adult's identity
    • The adult is an authorized law enforcement officer acting in accordance with law
    • The adult is taking the student to emergency medical care at the request of the principal or designee

We want to thank our community for sharing this value of safety, and though some of procedures may take some getting used to, they are for the benefit of our students, staff, and parents.

For more detailed information please click on the following link to be redirected to our district message: here