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Enrollment Registration

DeKalb County School Enrollment - DeKalb County Board of Education


Edith Flores-Canseco

(760) 631-4500 ext. 64008

Fax: (760) 631-2591

Schools Requesting Cumulative Records and Files, please email or fax your request to 760-631-2591.


In order to complete your registration, you must provide the following documents:

  • Original birth certificate or passport
  • Current shot record *7th & 8th graders must have TDap shot
  • Parent I.D
  • If Caregiver, document relating to custody/placement. (if you need a caregiver affidavit please call (760) 726-2710 ext. 92185).
  • Proof of address *please refer to the Proof of Address list:


Acceptable documents for residency verification include:

  • property tax payment receipts
  • rental property contract
  • lease or payment receipts
  • utility service contract
  • statement or payment receipts
  • pay stubs
  • voter registration
  • correspondence from a government agency
  • declaration of residency


Welcome to Vista Unified School District!

Please complete the following steps to register your student if they have not attended a school in Vista Unified. You can only register your child at their school of residence. For information on transfers please contact our district office. Verify that you live in Rancho Minerva MS boundaries HERE

STEP 1: Complete the Aeries AIR- Online Student Registration application to pre-register your student at their school of residence by clicking HERE.

  • After you finish and submit your application, you will receive an Enrollment Confirmation, Please print this document.
  • Access to a computer and printer is also provided by the school.

(If you need assistance please make an appointment with our Community Liaison: Adelesly Lobato Reyes (760) 631-4500 ext. 64095).

STEP 2: Contact your student's school office and confirm your student's pre-registration. (760) 631-4500

  • Bring the signed Enrollment Confirmation document, immunization records, birth verification and proof of residency to the school
  • You will receive your Parent Portal account by email, which will allow you to complete the registration process on-line.

STEP 3: Complete the registration process by logging into Parent Portal to review and accept the registration documents by clicking HERE.

  • Please print the data confirmation page upon completion and return this to the school.