Kinnear, Bryony - Facilitator

Santangelo, Nichole - Secretary

Ayala, Juan - Sergeant at Arms

Baxter, Lindsey

Borah, Jessica

Bushey-Anello, Sheryl

Duncan, Beth

Fukuda, Lisa

Haus, Peggy

Jewett, Mary

King, Caylin

Maniago, Bianca

Mayoral, Marisol

Paradee, Aariel

Phillips, Melanie

Pochodowicz, Tracy

Ramirez, Rebecca

Rust, Linda

Strickland, Morgan

Summerson, Claudia

Ward, Jessica

Woodward, Theresa

Site Based Decision Making Committee


June 4, 2018

Room F114 3:30 - 4:30pm

Last Meeting's Minutes

SBDMC Meetings - 8/29/18

Tentative: 9/19/18, 10/17/18, 11/21/18, 12/19/18, 1/23/19, 2/20/19, 3/20/19, 4/17/19, 5/15/19

Meeting called to order at 3:32pm

Cancellation/rescheduling of any meeting needs to be run through the SBDMC

Agenda all approved

1. Tentative Master Schedule Viewing (Master schedule is not yet complete)

C&I said AVID/PLT is good way to extend this program

Looking into the district to train teachers in AVID

Some teachers are going to AVID Summer training

There is a quiery Juan uses in Aeries to predict the sections needed for next year in each subject and grade level

Getting a band teacher from RBV (because RBV downsizing)

Ballet Folklorico is being funded for next year

Trying to balance sections per period

Grade level preps, not vertical

Assignments given verbally

2. PBI Update from Melanie, including Student Handbook update from Juan

A couple documents made for intervention for next year

Feedback so we can make it ready for use

Pre-referral intervention on Aeries is a really specific training that would be a possible option, but we haven't heard back yet about piloting the program

Trying to be better with communication between office and classrooms

Students will be walked back to class with the Request for Support form and given a chance to restore the relationship with the teacher/class before the AP leaves

Call home can count as a meeting, but not a voicemail or email

Admin is working on making a way for these calls (if Spanish speaking) to go home the same day

Can we use a google doc to document if we cannot do Aeries?

Check on whether the Spanish phone calls home doc is a violation of confidentiality

Craig Wiblemo is going to be the new Kyle Ruggles and is a trained attorney

Student Handbook: hats/hoods/visors/beanies are allowed, just not in class, and using VIDA policy that must follow the plain, patterned, or school hats, but no other logos or gang related anything

Dress code needs to be explicit to parents

Marijuana shirts are on the rise - check google to

Reading the dress code

Cell phone policy - considering no phones at all, not even in class

Around campus be stricter and just take away phone, no warning first because getting too many chances

Summer - decide cell phone policy across the board, duplicate for the Request for Support Form

3. Banner Update from Donovan's Survey, Calendar Update from Monday PLC survey

Pop-up tents with bull logos

15 banners from light poles

Big sign on front gate

Most: PRIDE, learning is the main event, self-directed learning behavior, mantra

Alexis Williams designed a really cool navy and gray

Display case

4. Budget (look at the actual budget):

What was the extra fund amount from last year and how was it used?

What are the extra funds this year and how are they being used?

Recommendations for anything not yet spent.

Look at SIPSA on the committee tab on our website, categorical breakdowns with amendment to the budget, notified us Monday that Title 1 funds are not accessible for summer, but the district covered it for this summer

That Title 1 will be used for intervention programs. Some great stuff did not fall under this category

SSC decides on where money is going for Title 1 funds

School is supposed to provide basic supplies like pencils, admin will follow up with that

Members Present

Queue for Speaking

Bryony Kinnear- Chairperson


Juan Ayala- Sergeant at Arms

Nichole Santangelo- Secretary

Lindsey Baxter

Jessica Borah

Sheryl Bushey-Anello

Beth Duncan

Lisa Fukuda

Peggy Haus

Mary Jewett

Caylin King

Aariel Paradee

Melanie Phillips

Tracy Pochodowicz

Bianca Maniago

Marisol Mayoral

Rebecca Ramirez

Linda Rust

Morgan Strickland

Claudia Summerson

Jessica Ward

Theresa Woodward


We need the process of how to sign up for events credits and dates of events for the next meeting. Decide on how many credit for each event.

Meeting adjourned at 4:40pm

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- 8/29/18











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