Welcome Back!  We missed you!  

I am thrilled that the #rmmsfam has entrusted me with leading our amazing scholars and influencers!  We are embarking on a new adventure, filled with joy, laughter, and learning.   

Each one of us, staff, parent, and community member, has an important role in creating an environment that will surround our scholars with love, support, and clear, consistent expectations.   We are the INFLUENCERS - we are dedicated to challenge our scholars to think in different ways, inspire our scholars to reach their goals, and set high expectations for personal and academic growth, both on and off campus.  We will INFLUENCE our scholars to take risks, fail at times, and continue to have productive struggle.  All of these lead to building strength, self-confidence, and most importantly - GRIT.  Our scholars are going to change the world.    

Each day, we will work purposefully to encourage intellectual curiosity, independent thought, and effective learning habits.  Using the Canvas platform, including the 16 Habits of Success as well as the components of self-directed learning, mentoring, and projects/portfolios, develop our scholars social and interpersonal skills as well as contribute to their continued growth as learners.  

Each scholar brings unique strengths and interests and I believe that it is our duty to add value to each scholar by helping them achieve academic success and the joy of learning.   We pride ourselves in creating a scholar experience that is inclusive, equitable, and accessible to all.    

My commitment is that each scholar and influencer will feel safe, challenged, valued, and successful while at RMMS.  Inspiring others to reach their goals and persevere through productive struggle is what education is all about.  It's time we tell "OUR" story - the story of our successes - the story of our amazing scholars.  We will be sharing our story through Social Media and welcome your shares as well!  Please follow us on Twitter @RMMSbulls or tag us #rmmsfam.  (Information on Instagram and Facebook - coming soon). Tell all your friends, neighbors, and colleagues to come out and visit us.  We welcome all influencers to join in our transformation. 

With celebration and a "high five," 
Christina DeSanto

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”  – Albert Schweitzer