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An important resource in our effort to combat bullying and provide our students with a responsible and positive school climate is an anonymous reporting tool. Victims or witnesses of bullying (or other worrisome/illegal activities) are often fearful to step forward to say something or to ask an adult for help.

PSST World is a quick, safe, secure, and anonymous way to report school safety situations, including bullying, cyber bullying, abuse, conflicts, controlled substances, weapons, suicidal thoughts, vandalism, discrimination, threats, and any other safety concern. When reporting the situation, student does not need to leave their name.

Note: The only reason that a student-reporter would need to leave their name and contact information is if they wish for someone to contact them directly.


In order to make an anonymous report, please click here or on the SST World icon above!



Please feel free to browse through the videos shown to the right of this page for more information. Also, additional resources are also linked below that will help you create a PSST shortcut on your device. Thank you, for everything you do to help keep RMS and VUSD a safe place to learn and grow!



PSST World es una manera rápida, segura, protegida y anónima de reportar situaciones de seguridad escolar, incluyendo el acoso escolar, ciberacoso, abuso, conflictos, sustancias controladas, armas, pensamientos suicidas, vandalismo, discriminación, amenazas, y cualquier otro problema de seguridad. Al reportar la información, el estudiante no necesita dejar su nombre.


Aviso: La única razón por la que un alumno que presente un reporte tendría que dejar su nombre y datos de contacto sería si desea que alguien se comunique con él/ella directamente.


Para hacer un reporte anonimo, siga este enlace



when students speak up, bullies step down